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Welcome to the Edgefield County School District Payroll Department! We are dedicated to ensuring accurate and timely compensation for all employees while upholding compliance with relevant regulations and policies. Our department plays a crucial role in supporting the financial well-being of our staff and contributing to the smooth operation of Edgefield County Schools.

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Donna Guess
Payroll Specialist
425 Lee Street, Johnston, SC 29832

Payroll Information

Payment Procedures/Schedules – The business office issues all paychecks for regular staff members and substitute or part-time workers on the 25th of each month. Should the 25th fall on a weekend or holiday, the district will pay employees on the last working day before the 25th.

Automatic Direct Deposit

All district employees have the option of automatic direct deposit of their pay into a checking or savings account. Employees may choose automatic deposit at any time by signing a simple Authorized Agreement for Automatic Deposits available in the district payroll department or on the district website. Deposits may be made to any bank. You will need to contact payroll for any changes in your bank or your account(s) immediately.

Sick Leave

All full-time employees of the district will accrue sick leave on the basis of one and one-fourth days for each month of active service.

190 day employees (9 months) will earn 12 days per year

210 day employees (10 months) will earn 13 days per year

220 day employees (11 months) will earn 14 days per year

240 day employees (12 month) will earn 15 days per year.

An employee may accumulate up to 90 days of sick leave that is accrued, but not used as long as he/ she does not violate his/her contract.

All full-time employees who have accumulated the maximum of 90 sick days will receive pay for any accumulated leave days not taken in excess of the 90 days at a rate of $35 per day.

An employee may use sick leave for absences caused by personal illness, illness in the immediate family, death in the immediate family or personal leave.

An employee who needs extended leave to provide care for a family member should submit a written request on an appropriate form to their supervisor as far in advance as possible. Also, the employee must provide a statement from a licensed medical doctor giving the information and expected time needed for the employee to be needed for the extended care of family member or themselves.

Professional Staff Vacations and Holidays

The school calendar as adopted by the school board, is established as a school recess period and holidays for instructional staff member employed on a school year basis.

Vacations – All 12-month district employees accrue leave at the rate of .833 days per month for a total of 10 days per year of vacation, not to exceed 20 days total each year.

Holidays – Administrative and district office level personnel who are 12-month employees observe the school calendar holidays unless otherwise noted on the calendar.


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