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Our District

Aerial View of town of Edgefield


Don’t be fooled by Edgefield County School District’s (ECSD) casual and friendly exterior. We are dedicated to producing college and career-ready students. Our teachers are excellent, our parents engaged, and student success is our academic priority. Our school district provides a unique balance of a quiet, laid back lifestyle with a strong emphasis on student advancement and success. This attracts educators and families looking for something a bit different than the larger, bustling school districts in the area. 

Outlined here are our cultural truths. They define who we are and how we understand ourselves. They are guidelines for our behavior, our growth and telling our story.

Family First Approach The Edgefield County School District has built a reputation for being a welcoming and family-oriented school district that’s always there to help.

Grounded Graduates

Providing a great education for students is important, but developing a well-rounded person who also has a good education requires a little more effort.

Community Backed School District The growth and education of Edgefield County School District’s students are a priority and are supported heavily by the entire community.

Salt of the Earth Staff The Edgefield County School District and community are unique in that everyone truly knows everyone. Respect, honesty, and care are all essential traits needed to be successful in the community.